We’ve been ambitious from the start. After finding that there was no Red Bull distributor in Iowa, our namesake, Zac Voss, worked with the company to develop a year-long distributorship, receiving resources from Red Bull to give the brand a shot locally. Later that year, company executives accepted a formal business plan from Voss, and Voss Distributing became the official Red Bull distributor for a significant portion of Iowa. Our territory has grown five times since then, and now spans 150 counties across Iowa, Illinois and Missouri.

And Voss has big goals for the business, trusting in ambitious employees to sell a world-class product in a way that supports each customer. “I couldn’t do it alone, he says. “Starting out at 23 years old, I hired employees who were passionate about growing their skills and developing a better way of servicing our market. We listen to the client and ask, ‘How do you want to do this?'”

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