To Our Customers, Our Partners,

COVID-19 has the potential to bring out the best in us all. As we navigate new waters and modify daily best practices and ways of working, we wanted you to know we are thinking of you. Our main goal in everything we do is to support your business, to maintain safety for everyone, and to keep our employees with income and fulfilling work.

At Voss, our mission comes alive now more than ever. Our mission is to support your mission. Specifically, we work relentlessly to support the missions of our employees, customers and partners, and our supplier, Red Bull.

  1. Follow CDC Guidelines – Every day our leadership team is monitoring new guidelines from the CDC and our state and national governments, taking them seriously and putting them into action. Each of our employees have been trained on the recommended practices from the CDC.
  2. Increased Sanitary Practices – Sanitation and cleanliness have always been at the forefront of our ways of working. Yearly we are AIB certified so that you may have comfort in knowing that we maintain excellence in sanitation. Now, though, we have increased our practices. In-field employees will wear gloves, disinfect before and after each store, offer styluses to sign with, and maintain safe distances as we are able. In the warehouse, they will wear gloves and have expected sanitation practices too.
  3. Communication – We would like to be transparent in communicating with you. Should the situation arise that one of our employees has to be tested, we will notify all customers who have encountered that employee. Our hope is that you will communicate with us similar information about your employees. We will also communicate with you any information that may impact your business.
  4. Forward Thinking & Communication – We are in constant contact with our supplier and other distributors across the country. Some of them are two weeks ahead of us in handling COVID-19, and we are using their expertise to avert any difficulties.
  5. Product– We want to make sure you have enough product. This keeps you stocked should something prevent us from getting to you in an expected manner. We want to make sure you are able to service your customers.

The situation is changing daily. The leadership team will be monitoring the situation. We feel extremely blessed to be working with so many talented, dedicated and caring team members at Voss. We will prevail against COVID-19, and we will come out stronger as a result if we stick together, follow the guidance given by governmental agencies seriously and take the time care for each other.

Please reach out if you have any questions, comments or concerns.

As always, we are concerned about keeping everyone’s best interest at the forefront,

Zac Voss signature

Zac Voss, President